~ Summer Solstice Group Ritual ~ 

​​Burn In The Firery Light Of Lucifer !
~ Open Your Blocked Spiritual Path For The Summer With The Combined Magical Assistance Of:  
~ S. Ben Qayin

~ Edgar Kerval

~ Sorsha Runarius

~ Guy Creasy

~ Orlee Stewart 

~ J.D. Temple

~ Join Us As We Perform A Mass Group Opening For All Who Want To Embrace An Open Spiritual Path Forward To Prosperity, Happiness And Freedom From Restraint !

~ Overcome Spiritual Struggles And Hurdles !

~ Break Free From The Cold Of Winter And Welcome In The New Season !

~ Book Now To Embrace Change And Liberation !

~ Every Name Shall Be Anointed With Blood And Their Paths Opened !

The Summer Solstice has always been a time to celebrate the sun and enjoy what life has to offer. It is a time when the sun is at its most powerful point of the year. It is also a time to burn away all that holds us back, it is a time of energy and action. With the combined magic of six, we will usher in the new season and burn the shackles of restraint from off ourselves and all who join us on this night. The fires shall burn bright !
~ Book Now For A Brighter Future !

~ $997.00