~ Starlata Estella ~ 


I am a non-denominational, 3rd generation psychic who is known globally for my ability to look into the future. I was born a natural empath and have worked in the psychic field for over 25yrs sharing my gift with others so they may find their way forward avoiding the unforeseen pitfalls of life.
This arcane knowledge has been passed down to me through generations of psyches who are of my bloodline. I began to have psychic dreams at the age of 3 and at the age of 5 I began practicing palmistry and had developed the gift of 'fore-sight', able to predict the future through powerful vivid dreams. 
Though I primarily work with the oracle of the tarot, I also specialize in the areas of:

~ Crystal Gazing
~ Norse Runes
~ Spirit Boards
~ Pendulums
~ Crystals
~ Dream Interpretation
~ Candle Magic 
~ Aura Reading
~ Spirit Contact
I look forward to assisting you see past the veil, and finding your path forward through life !


​General Tarot Reading... ​​
I offer an hour long tarot reading where I look into the complexities of your life and where it is going, see any obsticles and how to navigate around them. As well, I see into the future of what is to come and how to best handle or achieve your goals.

Tarot is an ancient art, there have been any ways throughout history to utilize the link the system has with the personal reality of the magician.

Video tarot readings are held throgh Zoom Conferecing or MSN Messenger. I look forward to speaking with you !
 ~ $147.00
​Tarot Of The Heart Reading... ​​
With my unique methods of divination, I look deeply into your love life giving advice on how to avoid unexpected events from occurring. This reading will cover many aspects of love in your life from:
~ Finding Your Soulmate
~ How To Recover From A Broken Heart
~ Giving Detailed Advice On Your Current Relationship
~ Discovering If Your Relationship Has Been Bewitched Or Cursed
~ Returning Self-Empowerment, Self-Control And Self-Confidence
This enlightening reading will show you every aspect of your love life down to the smallest detail.
I look forward to helping you navigate the rise and fall in the sea of emotion called ‘Love’...
 ~ $147.00
​Kabbalistic Tarot Reading... ​​
Tarot and Kabbalah have deeply evolved through history to become two partners in understanding the mystical world. Together, Tarot and Kabbalah empower, energize, and clarify your spiritual life. This is another way to understand ourselves, the working of our unconscious processes and therefore too, a way of self-development and psychological awareness.

The relation between Tarot and Kabbalah was first brought into awareness by Antoine Court de Gébelin and comte de Mellet at the end of the 18th century and was then elaborated by the magician Éliphas Lévi. Lévi was the first to trace connection between the Hebrew letters, the ways of the Tree of Life and Tarot Arcana. Gerard Encausse, a student of Levi known as Papus, published The Tarot of the Bohemians, which asserts that the Tarot was generated by the Tetragrammaton. Another student of Levi, Paul Christian, created a system combining the Tarot with Kabbalistic astrology. Later, the system of correlation between parts of Tarot and the Sephirothic Tree was revised many times and different authors developed their own systems which they considered to be most appropriate based on their own ideas. 

Most of the modern Tarot decks are based on the Rider Waite or Crowley decks. These Tarot masters were scholars of Kabbalah and the decks were designed to be used in conjunction with an understanding of the Tree of Life. Once we understand the Sephirothic Tree it will bring a deeper knowledge of the cards.

​~ $147.00


​Luciferian Shadow Tarot Reading... ​​
This is a non-conventional tarot card deck that follows its own unique system. Its structure follows the 78 card traditional tarot model, but its content allows it to be perceived as an oracle deck as well.

This reading is an indispensable tool for you to shed light on the shadowy corners of your soul and reveal what darkness lies within you and those around you. Let me guide you on your quest to understand yourself on the deepest, darkest of levels...

~ $147.00