~ Solomon AD ~ 

I am Solomon A.D., and I stand for liberation of all.  I stand for the freedom to express oneself through Spirituality, Self-Empowerment, Cosmic Self-Awareness and Balance.  I am a Magi...I am a Shaman...I am a Prophet.  And so are you...

 I have been a practitioner of magick for 17 years. I have always been gifted in the ways of the spirits even when I did not take notice of my gifts.  A Catholic upbringing had instilled in me a constant feeling of unworthiness to where it held back my magickal potential.  My potential grew as I studied and was initiated into other practices such as Santeria, Native American Shamanism and other forms of dark Witchcraft. But it came crashing down as I fell into the ‘Church Machine’s’ deception.  They called out the spirits I worked with and instilled fear in me, I was led astray and called Jesus my master.  My life became stagnant and progress was nowhere to be found.  However, even in the confines of Christian prison, the currents of magick found me. Controversially, it was Yeshua himself that led me back to the ways of magick and eventually Demons.  He showed me just how void of spirituality the Church deception is.  I vowed never to go back and forge my own relationship with the divine, form my own divinity...

Since that time, I have developed my magick into an amazing display of Art and Power.  I have rebuilt my life into a new meaningful venture of self-expression.  I have defeated haunting creatures, deposed enemies, found romance and prosperity, and all by wielding the mighty forces of magick.  But the greatest treasure is coming into alignment with who I truly am and was always meant to be...discovering my Higher Self. This new Gospel of Self-Empowerment is what I wish to show people around the world, so that they can form their own path. 

I am honored to be a part of this great Brotherhood here at From the Ashes Publishing.  I welcome you into my Temple so that we can change the world together....Join me.



Video Chat Consultation/Tarot Card Reading...
I am available for 1 hour long, one on one conversations. You will have access to all my experience, tips and tricks I do not share elsewhere. During this consultation I provide my custom Elemental Tarot Spread pertaining to your goals as well as cast a Tarot Magick Spell at the end of the consultation to set momentum in your favor.  I also call upon two of my spiritual patrons to assist in this spell and prescribe you a specific magickal strategy that you can use on your own or in conjunction with my service to manifest your desires.   

​~ $147.00

Dragon Mayan God Ascent...
Aztec and Mayan gods are some of the most mysterious and powerful entities of all time.  Fed with rivers of blood supplied by thousands of human sacrifices, these beings are truly in a league of their own.  Quetzalcoatl or Kukulkan is the patron deity of me and my people.  It is my mission to show you his power.  The Feathered Plumed Serpent brings gnosis and power to those who seek it.  Kukulkan is more than willing to illuminate you to your own divinity. 

This is a ceremony I have devised after years of research. I have traveled to the homeland of my people many times on pilgrimages to discover the power of the Mayan gods.  In this ritual I apply rare, gems, alcohol and natural elements from his Central American homeland.  I also implement my own blood to quench the Sun god’s thirst.  Despite the history of bloodshed, Kukulkan is the friendliest spirit I have ever encountered.  You can benefit from this companionship I share with my patron.  I perform this rite on the day of the Sun with techniques to guide the client to the throne of the Dragon.  Come forth and become initiated into the Age of Aquarius.
~ $247.00

Rite Of Warlords...​​
The Adversary is dressed in red and black. Azazel is the Watcher who brought warfare to humanity.  Samael is the venomous Angel that rules the Sefira of war, Geburah. Both carry a rare blend of Demonic and Angelic heritage. They are my patrons, my fathers and trusted mentors. I developed this ritual out of necessity when as a warrior I was back into a corner.  They have empowered me to deal defeat to those that oppose me.  These original Warlords will show you how to unleash all that is Martian within you. 

Rite of Warlords is meant for fighters, athletes, soldiers and any protester who needs their voice heard.  Greater physical fitness, martial arts abilities, mental strength and sexual qualities can be gained through this ceremony of venom.  Evoking the Warlords takes place on the day of Mars with sacred smoke, Whiskey, crystal magick, blood sacrifice and a talisman channeled by these stinging Angel-Demon hybrids.  Their dual nature provides a rare energy that enhances the manifestation of Martial Severity to be wielded by the recipient.  WARNING: this Rite is not for the faint of heart, for the path of a warrior is not an easy one.  If the recipient does not show conviction towards their goal they may feel the sting of the Warlords themselves.  Will you rise and conquer your personal battlefields?  If so, rise with me as I summon my great fathers and we empower ourselves in flames.

~ $247.00

Secrets Of The Beyonder...​​
God told Solomon he could have anything he wanted.  Solomon asked for Wisdom and God smiled upon him, for all great things follow Wisdom.  In certain traditions this manifested as the Archangel Raziel giving Solomon the Book of Raziel and tutoring him in the mystic arts.  But in Rabbinic tradition it is Azza or Shemyaza that teaches Solomon to be the greatest magician of his day.  Who is Shemyaza?  He is not just a Fallen Angel.  He is not just the leader of the Watchers.  He is the patron of all Magi. He is the Hanged Man in the Tarot between us and the infinite.  He is that which comes from “Beyond.”  His realms are of Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur.  These are the outer firmaments of the Qabbalistic trees that extend into every fiber of existence.
As a member of my Divine Family, Shemyaza has granted me access to his mysteries.  I call him forth into my temple chambers with specifically requested crystals, incense and blood sacrifice.  With a channeled technique from Samyaza I prepare the client’s essence to receive the Watcher’s blessings.  These blessings are only for the Magi that is hungry.  This rite is performed on Wednesday, the day of Magicians for added affect.  If you wish to know the unfiltered power of magick, let me introduce you to Shemhazai and the gnosis from “Beyond.” 

​~ $247.00

The Right Hand of Solomon-Custom Archangel Work...​​
I am a harbinger for the spirit of King Solomon.  And like Solomon the Prophet I have a special relationship with both Demons and Angels.  While I can work with any angel I have a special place in my heart for the Archangels.  Do not be fooled by the love and light crowd that claims angels are limited to selfless requests and cuddly hugs.  I have conducted magick with Archangels and their Olympic spirits to manifest such things as money and curses.  I have healed my wounds and wounds of others with the power of celestial forces.  If one simply analyzes the testaments of John Dee and the Enochian Angels, we can deduce that there are intense manifestations of these Angelic faces.  I interact with these Hyper-Angels all the time.  Their energies are often very strenuous and more than capable of manifesting desires on this plane.

My Angelic operations are done on a Planetary model.  Each Angel is conjured with the appropriate Sephirotic correspondences and timing.  I use Talismans and Crystals that have been consecrated at sacred times and moon phases to display the Angels’ exceptional powers.  While I can call upon the greats like Michael, Metatron and Gabriel, I can also call upon obscure Archangels you have never heard of such as Cassiel, Lumiel and Asariel.  The Angelic manifestation of Abbadon, Pluto’s Azrael, Angel of Death can be summoned.  I can even conduct Magick with Yeshua himself to provide healing and protection from hauntings.  These rituals can be used to gain or to give. I invite you to broaden your horizon with the power of the Archangels.

~ $247.00

The Left Hand of Solomon-Custom Goetia Work...
Part of the reason I call myself Solomon is due to my love affair with the Goetia.  These spirits are legendary.  Hollywood has literally made horror movies about them.  The list of 72 names could provide a spirit for virtually any desire.  For this reason I extend my service to your needs.

I have a unique multilayered pact with this entire Pantheon which allows me easy access to their audience and power.  They are like family to me.  My methods for working with these infamous spirits are truly effective and I am humbled by the blessings they have manifested in my life.  If you wish to work with Demons for a specific purpose allow me to match-make a willing spirit to your cause.
~ $247.00