~ Orlee Stewart ~ 


There is so much we can learn from looking into the dark. Black magic has illuminated my journey into a rhapsody of inspiration from the spirits of the dark divine.  Through direct initiation by the spirits of the underworld, I strive to manifest their beauty through art. Magick is a form of art and my experience working professionally as a visionary artist enables an alchemical process of creation whilst expressing the craft.  I also work in concert with the Infernal kingdom, Lilith and Demons to increase magical power, sexual and psychic abilities. 

Our nuances to experience psychic phenomenon can be developed over time to create the life one dreams of. This innate power lies dormant and waiting until we choose to seek the path of our true wills.  This world is a magical place that has unfolded before me in the decade I have experimented with the art of magick.

After frequent paranormal phenomenon through my life, I found myself the initiate of magical societies, where under the scriptures of Aleister Crowley and the Typhonian currents, I began practicing the foundations of energy work, yoga and ceremonial magick. Later, I was trained as a priestess for a blasphemous mass to Babalon, Baphomet and Chaos- wherein I served as clergy. My love for working with demons was sparked as I studied various grimoires and began teaching classes on spirit evocation and demonology so that all may learn of the incredible gifts these entities can bestow upon us.

After years of service, I began to feel a calling towards seeking my own way and ventured off into the depths and teachings of my own mind. Through initiations by the spirits themselves, a direct relationship was created between myself and the spirits from beyond life. They aid in guiding my astral body to alternate dimensions wherein I am able to receive images and translate them into artwork, which I love to create for others.

The bond I have with the forces of darkness became solidified when I united myself with Satan to establish incredible visionary power and furthermore when I embraced the bloodline of Caine. Each piece of artwork that I create is a portal to the spirit world and can alter the state of reality for those in its presence. If you would like to partake in a deeply magical expression of art, I will conjure it forth.


The bond I have with the forces of darkness became solidified when I united myself with Satan to establish incredible visionary power and furthermore when I embraced the bloodline of Caine. Each piece of artwork that I create is a portal to the spirit world and can alter the state of reality for those in its presence. If you would like to partake in a deeply magical expression of art, I will conjure it forth.

Once you book your ritual with me, I will contact you personally within 48 hours to schedule a time for a 30-minute consultation, where we will discuss your specific needs, goals, and desires. However, I reserve the personal right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason I deem. 

Please check out my offered rites below…

Video Chat Consultations...
One hour, video consultations are available to discuss your magical interests, provide insights into the supernatural and guide you through ritual development. Consultations are held through Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts. I am happy to provide honest and caring insights into your spiritual journey.​

​~ $147.00

Pact Of The Self With Satan...
Selling one’s soul to Satan has long been sought after as the ultimate way to forge a connection to infernal power. This taboo concept has far greater meaning than can be described in words alone. I have created a ritual that forges a bond with the recipient to Satan, forever. Due to my relationship with the spirits of the Underworld, I have found a way to create this union without the loss of any aspect of the recipient or magician’s essence as it activates the untapped potential of the Lower Self and once one is willing to devote their life to manifesting such powers, the Lord of Darkness is open to receive thee into his unholy kingdom.

This rite is for those who are serious in creating a relationship with Satan that shall be integrated as part of their own self. When I performed this rite for myself, the entire way I existed in reality was altered. Not only did the negative aspects in my sphere of influence fall away into destruction, the very process of my intellectual and spiritual functioning became charged with power beyond my wildest imaginings.  The process of uniting myself with Satan through this rite was the catalyst for achieving success in my career as an artist, bringing forth new opportunities to achieve my personal goals and continues to manifest increasing abilities in creativity, strength and overall illumination.

There are several stages that the rite goes through in order to provide the recipient with a thorough and carefully designed ritual to achieve ultimate success.  At the beginning of the rite, The Mother of Darkness, Hecate is summoned and given an offering of unholy water to protect and guide the path through the underworld. The elements are then invoked as well as the planet Saturn itself utilizing infernal ceremonial magick. Afterwards, Lucifer is given an offering of flame and called upon to prepare the self for illumination by the divine light of darkness. The gates of Hell are then opened with an offering of blood. The Pact is then formed and Satan is called upon to receive and manifest the rite. This rite is for those who are called to embrace the power of Satan that is waiting within...

~ $666.00

Spirit Evocation Painting...​​
The paintings I create through this custom designed ritual are portals into alternate dimensions and realities. Through these spirit portals, entities that are called upon are able to pass through and manifest into our world. Each painting is carefully summoned and developed in a hauntingly beautiful manifestation after years of working professionally as a visionary artist to develop this craft. If there is a particular spirit, demon, goddess or godform that you enjoy practicing with or are interested in learning from, I can evoke them and imbue a painting with their imagery and powers. This spirit artwork will be lovingly painted to adorn your sacred space and develop a uniquely consecrated icon for devotion and personal alignment to the entity of your choice.

Many customers have reported visual manifestations of their spirits communicating unto them through the artworks I have painted of their subjects of interest. Much like the funerary steles found in ancient Egyptian tombs, these paintings are doorways into the spirit realm and are far more powerful than artwork designed for aesthetic value alone.  The artistic process involves magical tools which have been developed for such purposes through instructions by spirits as they have shown me how to create this magical art. After evoking the spirit or entity of your choosing, I go into a trance state wherein the spirits communicate with me and flow through me into the painting, revealing their insights so that I may translate them into visual forme.

The paintings currently offered through this magical process are created on 5 by 7 inch, gallery quality canvases using the highest of quality acrylics. These painting portals can be hung on a temple wall or placed comfortably onto your altar. If you would like a powerful work of art for your magical journey, I would absolutely love to create something special for you or as a gift to a dear friend or spirit...

~ 850.00



Initiation Into The Bloodline Of Cain…
Do you dare to taste of the forbidden fruit? Lilith, the Mother of Demons will guide your way to devour your deepest desires and develop vampiric powers. Legends derived from scripture have delighted in superstitions of the demonic first female and her accursed descendent, Cain who received the mark of eternal life.  Initiation into the Bloodline will rend the veil to psychic abilities, sexual power and vampirism.

This ritual utilizes blood magic and ceremonial witchcraft, initiating the Bloodline of Caine into the essence of those who parteketh in this rite of serpentine mysteries.  I am honored to perform this initiation on your behalf and during the ceremony, our blood will become as one for the duration of the rite as I consume from the tree of knowledge on your behalf. If you would like to taste the mysteries of your desires, receive the dark embrace into your magical path...

​~ $497.00