~ Kurtis Joseph ~ 

Greetings All My Sorcerous Friends! 

My name is Kurtis Joseph and I am an occult author and professional magickian seeking to aid the empowerment of mankind. It is my true will to offer you as Witchkin the most intense magickal empowerments, sorcerous information and gnosis under the banner of Drakonian Arkanum through the magickal gateway of From The Ashes Publishing.

Drakonian Arkanum is an extension of my heart and soul. It is the proverbial Dragon’s Treasure containing the most arkane occult secrets and ritual methods accumulated over my twenty two years of occult study and practice. Many of these secrets have only been alluded to through my published work until now…this very moment of primal Drakonian counter cosmic potential.

The rituals I offer here are very unique and are based on  spiritual technologies which are based on spiritual sympathy or Alchemical Transference. They are in essence geared toward the next step of human evolution through very specific spiritual empowerments that in theory alter the very genetic code of the recipient of these empowerments.

I also specialize in fetishism that works on the same theories of Alchemical Transference. I draw the Triangle of Alchemical Transference upon my hands and scribe the sigil of the spirit being sought out within the triangle’s center. After activation and invocation my hands alone seem to become possessed by the deity and I observe the creation of powerful talismans and spiritual homes of the possessing Daemon in absolute awe and childlike wonder! I love and adore the creative process and I look forward to harnessing my creative power to aid in your process of ascent!

A New Era Is Upon Us...Join Me!

Video Chat Consultations...
I offer one hour, one on one video consultations where all magical subjects are on the table for discussion. Techniques, philosophies and all manner of occult topics are open to speak of freely. Video consultations are held through Skype, MSN Messenger or Google Hangouts, Zoom Conferencing I look forward to speaking with you !

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Merging With The Rulers Of The One Tree Of Drakonian Power...

Within this rite the Drakonian Triangle and Circle of Alchemical Transference is employed to unite the client with any one of the Rulers of the One Tree of Drakonian Power. These deities can include any of the Angelic Rulers of what the masses would call the Tree of Life, and any of the Kliffothic Rulers that dwell  upon what the masses would call the Tree of Daath/Knowledge.

Though many would question why one would seek to wield both Angelic and Demonic forces, one would need to be familiar with the ideology of Drakonian Arkanum. However all that needs to be understood within this description is that all beings upon the One Tree of Drakonian Power are considered to be Scales upon the body of the Dragon. They are all “daemons” or spirits useful and helpful in the process of human evolution.

The client is evoked into the triangle of the arte and fortified with witchblood under the geminus possession of Shaitan and Molek maximizing the Luciferian Light within Kurtis Joseph to empower the operation. Then the chosen Angelic or Demonic Ruler is summoned within the triangle to merge with the consciousness of the client. This occurs first at the level of ones higher consciousness or true will. It then descends downward toward the lower aspects of the subconscious and into the auric field. At this point the ruler enters the energy centers within the client as they begin to align with that of the daemon chosen.

According to Belial whom is the gateway of the bridge between the natural orbit and retrograde powers of the One Tree the genetic code is transfigured through a concept which can be described as Alchemical Transference a.k.a. Vibrational Contagion. This returns the Book of Life unto mankind through Apocalyptic Revelation of Drakonian Alchemy.

Participation of the client is required by meditating upon the Blackened Fire of the Dragon (black candle anointed with blood) and so a thirty minute consultation will be booked within 48 hours of the purchase of this Alchemical Rite to set up the appointment and give the client subtle details of the ritual.
~ $697.00

Kains Trumpet Of Death…
The formula of this fetish was received upon the dream plane from Kain himself after a friend introduced me to the Ancient Aztec Death Whistle. The very next day I sculpted this fetish item to create a fetish of vast power in lieu of a mere wind instrument! This fetish is the one first employed before Kains primary fetish can be employed and ensouled through the performance of the Rite of the Waters of the Moon at the end of a thirteen day ritual process.

Each fetish is made unique for the specific owner and is loaded with herbs, roots, leaves and stones as dictated by Kain himself through the process of creation. None are exactly alike though the uses of all are VAST!

The power is awakened first through the Breath of Death (Holy Tobacco) and then the Breath of Life by being blown as a Trumpet of Revelation. The Trumpet of Death can be blown within the cemetery to awaken the shades of the dead for rites of necromancy. It can be sounded over ritual items to imbue them with the sorcerous power of Drako Kadmon/Kain himself. The trumpet may be used to exorcise people and places or to bless and blight. These are just a few examples as Kain’s indwelling essence will guide the Drakonian Magickian in many uses specific to the individual.

This fetish and its ensoulment cannot be filmed due to the Tabu’s of ritual pacts and treaties. However photographs from the start of the creation of the fetish through the process of ritual ensoulment will be provided. The Tabu’s of this fetish are rather intense so one must be warned. If these photos are shared or if the purpose of this fetish are spoken of through your own mouth beyond your own household the Black Thorns of Kain’s wrath will immediately pierce your aura leading to demise. All astrological advantages within the fixed stars and planetary advantages within ones birth chart will begin the widdershins dance. The powers of light and darkness will invert leading to destruction. The lifeforce will be spent trying to solve the mundane circumstances that will occur as a result yet death will be the only escape. Such is the sacred nature of this fetish within the great work of Drakonian Arkanum.

This fetish can be viewed, held, or even sounded by anyone at any time and those who make contact with it will receive either his blessing or his blight. Children of the household will be fiercely protected and lovingly blessed by the Lord of Death. You will find that they will instinctively leave small offerings of candy and sweets. Such is the beauty of this magick to behold.

However, if anyone is to ask what the nature of this item is, the answer should be only this…. “It is a whistle”. My obligations according to the pact and treaty of this fetish are fulfilled. You have been warned.

Due to the nature of the labor of this work only two of these will be created each month. One under the guiding hand of Shaitan and one under the iron fist of Molek.


​~ $697.00
Merging With The Rulers And Rosary Fetish Package...

Within this package an intense dynamic of synergy is created as both the daemon chosen by the client as well as a portion of the clients consciousness and electromagnetic signature are summoned within the Triangle of Alchemical Transference to entice perfect possession and spiritual mergence. During the same operation after the merged essence is banished Kurtis will once more summon the daemon of the One Tree of Drakonian Power to cross the boundary of the Circle to attain a state of reverse possession where the rosary will be imbued with the deities essence and power.

Through this operation the rosarium becomes much more powerful and the intensity of possession is expedited to a great degree. This is because both inner and outer gates are flung open as any obstacles or spirits of antipathy are devoured and destroyed under the guiding hand of Shaitan and the iron fist of Molek.

As one works with the talismanic fetish the possessing spirit grows in power within self. As your power increases as a result the rosary also grows in power through the old cliché “As above so below, as within so without”.

Due to the intensity of labor and current treaties and pacts only four of these operations can be booked per month. Participation of the client is required through meditation on the Blackened Fire of the Dragon (black candle anointed with blood) and so a thirty minute consultation will be booked within forty-eight hours of the purchase of this ritual service to set up the ritual appointment.
 ~ $697.00

Kliffothic Possession Of The Zodiacal Daemon   ...

Within this ritual Kurtis harnesses a spiritual technology known as the Drakonian Circle and Triangle of Alchemical Transference. It begins by evocation of a portion of the clients consciousness and electro magnetic field within the triangle of the arte. At this point this portion of the clients essence is strengthened and fed with witchblood under possession of the Geminus power of Shaitan and Molek.

The Zodiacal Daemon which rules over the clients horoscope is then evoked within the Triangle to merge with the consciousness of the client. Over a period of three moon phases a transmutational effect occurs through which astrological disadvantages imposed by the limitations of the fixed stars at the time of birth are made null and void. As a result one’s life experience begins to gain positive momentum improving general success in all areas of life. The daemon then begins to distill into the energy centers through the gate of the auric field eventually seeping into the genetic code strengthening and fortifying the flesh protecting it from health issues and diseases which are common under the zodiacal sign of the client.

This ritual is an intense rite which is geared toward general empowerments which will greatly enrich the life experience. Participation of the client is needed by meditation upon the Blackened Fire of the Dragon (a black candle anointed with one’s own blood) to open the inner gates. For this reason a thirty minute consultation will be booked within fort eight hours of purchasing this ritual service. At this point all needed information will be obtained to set up the ritual appointment and find out which Daemon of the Zodiac will be called upon on behalf of the client for their purposes of ascent and becoming.  
 ​~ $697.00
Custom Magick Ritual Service...
Above is a short list of specialty rituals that are of a common request. However, this is only a small fraction of what I have to offer, so I am including the below option in the catalog for those who have a unique situation that requires special attention.
With this custom magick ritual, you will have access to my full spectrum of magickal capabilities and talents. After booking the ‘Custom Magick Ritual’, I will contact you personally within 48 hours to schedule a time for a personal consultation where we discuss your unique situation and determine the best course of action.
I then create a custom ritual designed specifically for you and inform you of the exact date and time the ritual will be performed. If there are any steps you must take in aiding the ritual, I provide full comprehensive instruction and assistance.
If you are in need of a personalized rite for a specific result, this is the service to order now !
I am confident that you will not be disappointed…
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