~ D.H. Thorne ~ 

I work in a unique current that is found at the intersection of western Zen, and Left-hand path Luciferianism.  I blend a highly developed Dialectic Monist perspective of reality, in tune with modern science and chaos magick, augmented by the old ways of calling dark spirits to aid one in their path.
I have a personal relationship with many Goetic spirits, including the 9 great kings. I am a Chosen of Lucifer, someone who innately and naturally embodies the core ideal of the Archetype of the cosmic light bringer, and liberator.  I have been initiated with Nyarlathotep, Azazel, and many other spirits. 
I also have a unique relationship with the so-called "Shadow People." 

In June of 2019, I released my Book Become the Maelstrom with great success (see the publications page for details).  

Since offering my services for hire, I am in high demand for my intuitive skills in magick, my wisdom in mundane affairs, and my ability to teach and communicate the will of the spirits.
Below you will find a list of my BEST magickal offerings.  I can assist you with almost any kind of concern, baneful or benevolent, and I specialize in magick that helps you BECOME your potential and ASCEND in your own path, as the spirits have aided me in my own ascension.
I offer you power, liberation, and gnosis… But you must dare to take hold of these things and make them your own. 
IMPORTANT:  IF you do not see a ritual offering that meets your exact needs, you can book a custom ritual or consultation with me, and we can work out something that serves your needs.  All rituals typically recorded and edited into a high-quality web format, and shared with you upon completion, along with any special instructions.  All rituals include a free consultation to properly set up the specifics of the ritual and follow up support to help in case there are any complications. 


Video Chat Consultations...
Video Consultation:

I will devote a minimum of one hour of my time to spend with you one on one in video chat to discuss any and all matters of a magickal or spiritual nature. During this time all my knowledge, experience and skill will be at your disposal to help you. Not everyone needs a ritual, sometimes you need guidance or instruction.

~ $97.00

Introductory Course On Meditation:

Based on the teaching in my Book Become the Maelstrom, I offer 3 sessions/classes where I teach you the basics of meditation, including yin and yang breathing. I will instruct you in the basics of meditation, guide you through a basic meditative exercise, we will then meditate together for a short period.  You will be required to put in the practice between sessions.  At my discretion, each class lasts between 45 minutes to an hour.

~ $197.00

Introductory Course On Energy Manipulation:

Based on the teaching in my Book Become the Maelstrom, I offer 3 sessions/classes where I teach you the basics of several forms of energy manipulation in ritual, creating a chi ball, pushing your energy into objects, and pulling it back out again. (you will need at least one quartz crystal and a candle) You can use this in your own magick to great effect and this will help you breathe true life into your magick. You will be required to practice between sessions. At my discretion, each class lasts between 45 minutes to an hour.

~ $197.00

Custom Magic Service...
Magick should be personal, and while all the rites I do are personalized in some meaningful way for you. The Custom Ritual is designed to meet your unique and personal needs in ways my more structured rites do not.  Do you need someone to conjure a spirit and provide gnosis and channeling of secrets?  Do you need someone to help you become more attractive to the opposite sex?  Someone who can call a demon of wrath and destruction?  Someone who can help you make a relationship with a spirit of wealth or power? Are you plagued by a curse and need protection?  OR do you want to reverse a curse back at your enemy?
I can help you, book me today for a custom ritual and I will contact you to arrange the details of our consultation meeting so we can craft the perfect ritual with the right spirit, with the most refined intention.  

~ $247.00

King Paimon's Menageria...
Familiar spirits can take many forms, and King Paimon is one of the best entities for those seeking the very best Familiars. King Paimon is always surrounded by many spirits, even when he appears alone, you can rest assured his 200 legions are near, and just out of sight are his many companions. 
King Paimon has a veritable menagerie of unique and powerful familiars that he is known to bestow upon his chosen and those who he deems worthy. After communion with the King, I have been given his blessing to act as his intermediary for less advanced practitioners who wish to have the aid of a master in acquiring such a dark blessing. 

In this unique service, I shall help you obtain your own familiar!

This service is not recommended for the utter beginner, a true familiar spirit is not a PET, nor is it a physical being like a cat or dog. Nor is it even a friend (though some can become friends with us, or even be pets of a sort), If you are lonesome, there are far better solutions. No, this is an advanced magickal tool of a very high level of power and requires regular maintenance and work or it will leave you, or if you really don’t take it seriously… even worse! It can turn against you and offend the great King Paimon in the process.
However, if you treat it right, familiars have been known to last sometimes for generations, following families of sorcerers like a priceless family heirloom.
This will not simply be a ritual I perform for you, but a process that will include consultation, one ritual service, and the shipment of a physical anchor object (usually a small box with a sigil inside, and or some other anchor object such as a crystal or ornament, and a sigil.)  Upon receipt you MUST carry out the instructions I give you, initiate yourself with the spirit, and perform regular maintenance and feeding/charging. 
Keep in mind, I cannot “Design” a familiar for you, instead you and I will find out what kind of things to prioritize when petitioning the King, and if he favors us, he will bring us something suitable that matches what he has to offer.

~ $447.00

Sacrifice Of Regret To The Sin Eater Azazel...
There is a Zen saying: “Let go or be dragged.”

We all have things in our lives that we regret, actions and deeds we wish we could forget. Throughout time religions have offered ways to absolve you of your sin… to forgive you or allow you to serve penance.

Azazel wants to do one better. Sacrifice your sins to him, feed him your regret! Give to him, as an offering, the sorrow and the pain, and if he accepts your petition, he will help you to remove this blockage and pain from your life so that you can move on, and in exchange for this act of devotion he will not offer mere forgiveness and admittance to some delusional idea of heaven, but instead reward you with a blessing.  You may request something specific, or trust that he will bring something to you in due time commensurate with the pain and sorrow you have given him.

*special note –ABSOLUTE discretion and iron clad guarantee, I will never, under any circumstances reveal your regret or sin to anyone save Azazel. If you choose to reveal to me your sin, you will have my strictest confidence, however, you do not need to tell me, though I DO require a short video conference so I can make a psychic connection to you! Azazel will refuse to honor this pact if your sin is ongoing… You MUST be truly repentant and seeking to recover and change. This is not a get out of jail free card where you say 10 hail Mary’s and go to heaven. This is a true form of redemption! And you must EARN it through sacrifice! 

​~ $297.00

Protection Of The Crow Witch Malphas...​​
Malphas is one of the more powerful and enigmatic spirits in the Goetia, he is also one of my greatest allies. It is his power that protects me, and my family, and many of my clients, from all spiritually based attack and provides me with early warnings about people, places and things of danger. 

In this ritual, I will act as medium and call upon this powerful, mysterious, and dark spirit, and together we will petition him with a pact in your own words to provide protection for you, your family, and your pets.  Together we will build a towering fortress to help protect all that you hold dear. Beware! Malphas is a trickster and should never be given undue sacrifice or he can deceive you. 

Make him earn his reward, and he will honor you with his protection and guidance!

Many of my clients have worked with me to begin a relationship with this being that goes beyond mere protection, and if this is your goal I will endeavor to not merely have him protect you, but petition him to come to you and begin a pathworking with you to become a mighty Crow Witch, even going so far as to bestow upon you powerful familiars, defeat of your enemies and helping you connect with people of various skills.  

If your intent is true, and you are clever and able to handle his occasional attempts to trick you he can become a central figure in your spiritual practice as he has become one of mine. 

When you book this ritual, I will meet with you in a video conference and we will discuss exactly what level of protection and commitment you desire most and iron out a worthy pact with this incredible demon. 

~ $247.00
The Gentle Grace Of Dantalion...​​
Dantalion is one of my favorite spirits, I see him as the archetype of intellectualism and as a psychologist of the Goetia, and he has a natural affinity for all forms of knowledge, and clairvoyance, but I have found he is also very useful for family and love.  Some people have confused him as a demon of lust, but I see him as a gentle master of ethical emotional and social manipulation.  When someone comes to me with problems in their family and social life stemming from problems with their emotions or family harmony, the first spirit I often recommend is Dantalion.

If you put your concern in his hands and he is moved by your petition and you put in the effort, he can easily help you with a wide range of family and relationship issues. Sometimes he can change the outcome of a relationship in your favor, other times he will show you that you were asking for something that was harmful to yourself and guide you in a better direction.  I trust Dantalion with the emotional stability of my family, and with my help, you can ask him for the same… Keeping in mind, not all problems can be “fixed” sometimes we are meant to grow spiritually from the experience of loss or hardship, and Dantalion must be trusted to help you.

​~ $247.00

Breaking The Bonds With King Vine...​​
Vine is a powerful and regal king of the Goetia.  He has many powers, he can work for you on offense, or Defense, as well as helping you find out who your true enemies are. In this ritual, I focus on one of my favorite uses of Vine and that is in the breaking of curses and binding hexes, and even mundane blockages.

I have had to use this ritual on more than one occasion, and each time the effects where nearly instant.  He has the power to liberate you from virtually anything that is holding you back, be it a curse, the negativity of others, mundane roadblocks in your path, or even your own fears and weakness.  I will consult with you, and then work with Vine to draw out the curse or blockage placed upon you and put it into a small leather cord, which I shall anoint with my blood as an offering to Vine.  I shall then BREAK the leather cord and cast it into the fire symbolically breaking the bonds of you curse or hardship...

~ $247.00

Eye Of The Storm...
Become the maelstrom with the power of this rite! I will work with you in a ritual to attempt to help you find your true power, to awaken your potential as a sorcerer and see yourself not as a mere mortal petitioning and cowering before the spirits, but as the very EYE of the storm, the sleeping god dreaming a million billion dreams. Waking up can be a long process, or happen all at once, you can wake up and go back to sleep at any time you wish. 

I will spend time in consultation with you and read you and determine what facet of your true identity you need to become aware of to accelerate this process.  By doing this working with me, you are signaling to your sleeping center that you are ready to begin the process of waking up. You are ready to become the maelstrom and stop being blown around by the winds of chaos, but to instead ride the storm and make its fury your own.

Based Upon our consultation I will enter deep into the abyss during ritual and bring back for you a symbol and a sign of your true nature. Upon completion of this ritual I will create and give you a magickal sigil that you may use to meditate upon and use in your own rituals to help you unlock your full potential as a sorcerer and begin the process of awakening in your life!

This powerful process, when embraced, will supercharge your growth in magick and help give you the sense of authority you need to become the maelstrom!

 ​~ $247.00 

Customized Demon Sorcery...
Consult with me to determine the best Goetic spirit to suit your goals, there is a Goetic spirit for almost every situation and concern, be it finance, love, or revenge, and I can work as your medium to petition the spirit in a custom ritual to do virtually any kind of spell you wish. My grimoire has many names in it, and the 9 goetic kings are my allies, putting all the other Goetic spirits under them at my disposal.  Do you seek an audience with King Paimon?  Perhaps you want to call on Beleth to teach you to gain the love and respect you deserve?  Maybe you want to be put in contact with Stolas and learn more about minerals or plants for use in magick? All are possible, and more… Do you dare deal with the Goetic spirits? Let me call upon them for you.  

 ~ $247.00